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Bulletproof-Santa Monica

Bulletproof-Santa Monica

Before I went to California one of my friends told me that I HAD to go to the bulletproof cafe in Santa Monica if I was nearby.  We talk a ton in school about bulletproof coffee and the benefits so I was excited to check it out because I would be staying in Santa Monica for a couple of nights.  Only thing, I’m a tea drinker.  Coffee makes me way to jittery, it doesn’t sit well in my system an keeps me wired for hours on end.  But, I felt like I had to give bulletproof coffee a try after discussing it so much in school.

Let me back track and explain what bulletproof coffee is for those of you that don’t know what I am talking about.  Bulletproof coffee is a mixture of Upgraded Coffee (basically means coffee beans with low toxins were used), Brain Octaine or XCT Oil (much stronger benefits than coconut oil), and grass fed ghee.  The low toxin coffee is supposed to cause less of the side effects that commonly occur after a cup of coffee like sugar cravings and irritability.  The good fats from the Brain Octaine and ghee help keep you feeling full provide mental clarity and focus, help keep you energized, and provides fat soluble vitamins! For more information I would suggest reading this. 


The other really cool thing is that there cafe is designed as a safe environment.  None of the cookware contains aluminum.  There are EMF blockers.  They only use safe, green cleaning products, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals!

So, when I went to the cafe I was presently surprised when I saw the menu and there was a no coffee latte option.  There were some other non coffee options on the menu; hot cocoa, steamed milk, and a variety of teas.  But I chose the latte to get as close to the “real” experience as possible.  When I went there was a special seasonal peppermint latte which is was I ordered.  It was soooo good that my Mom, and my Aunt ordered the exact same thing.  We also ordered a sweet potato scone, and had to order a second one because we devoured the first so quickly. I felt energized after my latte and was full for hours.

I highly recommend stopping by bulletproof if you are ever near by.  If not, you can order their products online and make your own bulletproof coffee at home.  They have blog posts on their website of how to do so!



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