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Lawai’a Poke

Lawai’a Poke

Lawai’a Poke is a poke restaurant in downtown Toronto and is by far my favourite poke in the city.  The interior of the restaurant is decorated to perfection.  It has such a fun and cool vibe inside.  My favourite part is their living wall with the neon sign over top.

The food is just next level.  They have four set bowls on their menu that come in three different sizes, The OG, The lazy California, Tiki Tofu, and the Luau Chicken.  If none of these sound appealing to you you can BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl).  This is my favourite thing to do.   The fish always tastes fresh, there are so many toppings to choose from, and each of the sauces they offer are delicious.  White rice, brown rice, or zucchini noodles are the choices for a base.  You also choose to do half and half which is a great healthy option.  I can never order one of these bowls without adding the crab salad.  I don’t even like crab salad but it is amazing!  Not only is the food delicious but it is allergy friendly.  Anyone with gluten sensitivity will find endless options here.  There is also no nuts in any of their food so those of you with nut allergies can go here and feel comfortable knowing that there won’t be cross contamination.

In addition to poke bowls, they also offer sushi tacos and desserts which are to die for. For the tacos they also have a vegan option made with tofu!  The desserts are pudding and Mochi.  I don’t normally like banana pudding but theres is just too good to resist.









Poke can be a healthy grab and go lunch or dinner, especially when you know the fish is fresh and there are a variety of veggie toppings.  Just be sure to take it easy on any of the sauces that contain mayo (which most of Lawai’s do not).

You can visit there website for full menu details here!

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