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Workout Without A Gym Membership

Workout Without A Gym Membership

A workout is the easiest thing to forgo from your daily routine when you feel like you are too busy or too tired.  There are endless excuses and reasons to avoid it, staying motivated can be difficult, but I have found that these tips help me.  Usually, my excuses are: “I’m too tired”, “I have too much work to do”, “I’ll workout tomorrow”.   One thing I can say though, is that I have never blamed not working out on having no gym membership.

There was a point in time where I was using classpass but then I got bored and decided to join a gym.  I barely made use of my membership.  There were some weeks that I would go 3-4x, but usually I came up with an excuse to not go to the gym and just ended up working out at home.  So, here are my tips for working out without a gym membership.

  1. Get Outside!

    • Go for a long walk with a friend or listen to a podcast,  find a beautiful hiking trail, play tennis at a public park, or jog up and down a ski hill/outdoor steps a few times.  The time will pass quicker than you think!
    • If biking is your activity of choice, use it as your mode of transportation.
  2. Find one or two workout ebooks that interest you.

    • I personally love the Kayla Itsines BBG guide.  They were relatively cheap in comparison to a gym membership, each workout is 30 minutes which is so doable, and the workouts are very intense.  Others that I have heard are good are Sarah’s Day Sweat It To Shred It, Abby from Corporate Sneakers My Best Body, and Tammy Hembrow At Home Booty E-Book.
    •  You can use furniture around your home as equipment.
    • If you did decide to purchase some equipment, it is easy to find, it’s quite inexpensive, and again will be less costly than a gym membership.
  3. Make use of free workout apps

    • My top 3 favourites are:
      • Nike Training App
        • There are SOOOO many different workouts I don’t think I could ever get through all of them!
      • P90x
        • It’s a free download and comes with a free ab workout.  Each subsequent workout in the app has to be purchased.
        •  I just use the ab workout and its great!
      • Workouts (It is literally just called workouts in the app store)
        • There is a free version and a version you can pay for, I like this app because there is so many options, leg, arm, booty, ab, cardio and full body workouts, and there are different timed options.
    • The great thing about an app is that you’re likely to always have your phone with you allowing you to workout anywhere, whether its at home, a friends, or the park.
  4. Get Creative!

    • When I know I really am too busy to workout I make sure to take the stairs wherever I am so I can get my heart rate up at least a little bit.
    • I’ll park my car in a farther parking spot or few blocks away from where I’m going (as long as it’s not too cold out) so I can get a few extra steps in.
    • Instead of just taking my dog to an off leash dog park and letting him get exercise while I stand around I will take him for a long walk or walk him to the dog park.

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