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One on One Counseling


Discovery Call

15 minutes Free 

Lets set up a FREE 15 minute phone call to get to know each other.  Working with a nutritionist you trust and can connect with is key to your success.  This call is so we can learn about one another.  I want to hear about your primary concerns, goals, and health status, while giving you a clear picture of what to expect of me.  What are you waiting for?


Initial Consultation

1 hour-$150CAD + Tax
With Meal Plan $185 + Tax

This initial session is to get a better idea of who you are.  We will review your health history, goals, concerns, and current food and fitness routine.  This is also a time for you to ask questions.  Following this session you will receive a personalized plan, including food, supplement (if necessary), and lifestyle recommendations to begin to move your health forward and get you feeling like the best version of yourself.


Follow Up

45 minutes-85$CAD + Tax

Follow ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks, depending upon your goals.  This is where we work together to refine the initial plan based on what worked for you and what did not.  We also work together to make further changes to improve your health and reach your goals.  Slow and steady wins the race!


Nutrition At Home


Grocery Store Tour

1 hour @ store of your choice-$85CAD + Tax

Navigating the grocery store can be an overwhelming and daunting task. There are so many different aisles and products it’s hard to not what to choose! This is where I come in.  I will join you at the grocery store, answer any questions, and show you how to shop efficiently.  I will also teach you how to read labels, choose healthy snacks, and make suggestions to swap in healthier items to your food routine.

What you will go home with:

  • Groceries for the week
  • A list of my favourite brands/products
  • Handout prioritizing organic vs non-organic produce
  • A list of hidden names for sugar and MSG to make reading labels easier


Kitchen Clean Out

1.5 hours at your house-$125CAD + Tax

Let me come over and help give your fridge and pantry a makeover.  We will go through the items to keep and which to ditch.  I will share my tips on how I keep my kitchen stocked with nourishing foods and snacks, as well as how to properly store your food.  I highly recommend pairing this with the groccery store tour (which is offered at a discounted rate)!

What you will get:

  • Tips for keeping your kitchen well stocked
  • A list of my favourite brands/products
  • My go-to groccery list


Cooking Demo

Price dependent on location, # of recipes, and time.

Need help cooking in the kitchen?  Want to learn how to make new recipes?  I can help.  I will come to your home and we will work together to prepare foods for you to enjoy. Recipes we make are your choice! If you need some inspiration I will make suggestions.

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